Friday, January 11, 2008
Steppin' out of our box. . .into the "World of Wheels"
Last Sunday we were chatting with friends from church when they asked if we would be interested in 4 free tickets to the "World of Wheels" car show. I know absolutely less than NOTHING about cars except that they get me where I need to go, and they require lots of gas to get there! But with such short notice (the show was that afternoon), there were no other "car enthusiast" takers. . .and well, we do love "free" adventures! So we were off to the World Congress Center in downtown to see. . .many, many blindingly SHINY cars, motorcycles and big rig trucks!

So, I pulled out my trusty camera (that is always with me just for such spontaneous occasions!) to capture our exposure to this world of car culture and its many serious followers.

So we looked all around and walked by lots of very LOVED cars. I let each of the kids pick out their "favorite" so that I could take their picture. Here is what they chose:

Katie picked out this big, shiny, very gold truck -- don't know any more than that!

Nate liked this HUGE BIG RIG tractor trailer truck!! However, he was soooooo disappointed that he wasn't allowed to climb in. . .or even touch. . .any of this deliciously enticing transportation all around him!!!

All in all, it was a fun afternoon spent together as a family! (And look how handsome my little man looks in his suit!)


Blogger Crew Mom said...

whoooooo...some shiny cars indeed...and Nate was the cutest in his blue suit coat!

Blogger Trina said...

I'm sure those were some very expenisve shiny cars. Poor Nate, not touching is the hardest thing!

OpenID Dawn said...

You didn't even mention how bad your feet hurt by then. Sorry I didn't have some comfy shoes in the car!

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