Saturday, May 10, 2008
Callaway Gardens
We had a GREAT "Spring Break" this year! One of our favorite things was visiting "Callaway Gardens!" Of course, we all loved the "Butterfly House!"

At Callaway Gardens, even lunch is FUN!

The "Birds of Prey" show was definitely very cool! They had falcons, hawks, and a gorgeous owl flying over our heads!

We learned Katie's "wingspan" is the same as the Perigren Falcon!

Katie and Grandma learned more about Georgia's local wildlife. . .

My most favorite part of Callaway Gardens was the unbelievable Azalea Bowl!! It was just the most amazing colors everywhere you looked. . .these pictures below were all taken there, and need no more explanation than the beauty you see!

Nathan's most favorite thing out of all these cool animals and beautiful scenery was, of course, the tram!!! He was so excited whenever we were ready to go to the next place!!!

What a surprise to find such foliage "creatures" all around!

Hey, where did you kids go???

The greenhouses were full of amazing fountains and hanging baskets.

All kinds of secret "nooks and cranies" to play in. . .so fun!

Katie and Nate check out the bunny's basket!

Nathan liked the little "chicks" he found nearby.

Of course, Katie was dying to touch the water fall herself. . .even though there is a million foot drop down to the little pool below!! Sooooo, . . . .

Ahhhh!! So Grandma, holds Katie over the edge, so she could touch that waterfall!!! (Mom is not excited about this!!)

Nathan was certainly not going to be left out of the fun -- as again, Mom held her breath

Katie was loving this greenhouse!

Mr. Cason's Vegetable Garden!

We saved this garden for last and had it practically to ourselves!

My little man posing for his picture.

The landscapes were beautiful and just asked for you to run through them - or sit and enjoy leisurely as you pleased.

The gardens were just beginning to fill in, but we had lots of fun just running through the rows. . .

Nate found a bench to rest on -- but even after such a full day, he didn't stay there long!

Such special memories with Grandma!

This is how we all felt after such a completely full, wonderful, active day at Callaway Gardens!!


Blogger theresa said...

yeah!!!!!!! You finally updated your blog!! did you get my email? I have a blog now too. keep in touch!!! The kids are sooo cute and are getting sooooo big!

lots of love

Blogger Trina said...

I love all the pictures. I'm glad y'all had such a great spring break!

Blogger Crew Mom said...

OH*MY*WORD!!!!!!! An update!!!!!! YAY!!!! And a long one, too! I LOVE IT...thank you so much for this treat!!! Happy Day! I wanna go!!!

What a special day and lots of great pictures! You have the best mom and family. :-) Can't wait to have the gal time with you at singing school.

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