Friday, October 13, 2006
The Cumming Country Fair!! WOO-HOO!!
Oh my!! Saturday night we shared one of our most favorite traditions of all. . .getting a big, fun group of family together and spending an afternoon at the FAIR!! Every year since Katie was 1 year old, we have ventured out to this family-fun, community event -- and now we await with anticipation just as soon as we feel fall in the air! Uncle Scott and Aunt Karen treated everyone to all the rides and food and fun we could ever want. . .oh man! I am already looking forward to next year!!

Here we are, beginning our adventure at the fair! (Well, almost all of us are pictured. . .okay, you see the little tent behind Noni? Well, that's the entrance to the fair. Now do you see the "cinnamon sugar" stand 3 steps into the park? Okay, that would be where Uncle Jim and Aunt Kat already stopped to get the funnell cake!!!!)
Katie loved the rides, of course!

Mom and Nate snuggle a little. . .sweet baby!
Okay, who in the world is going to give this little monkey money. . .ummm. . .WE DID! He was extremely cute and fummy in person -- and everytime you handed him a quarter, he tipped his hat at you -- okay, now that was worth several quarters!

Katie Greer's favorite game at the fair is the duck game!! (especially because you always win something!)
Katie won a sweet puppy! She and Uncle Scott named him "Carl."
And the tradition. . .Daddy and his girl ride the "Rockin' Tug" together -- sweeeeet!
Uncle Jim and Aunt Kat ride the ferris wheel...
You know what's awesome??!! We all have just as much fun just watching Uncle Jim and Aunt Kat riding the ferris wheel!
Uncle Jim was enjoying every minute of it! Aunt Kat was not so sure. . .
Nathan's very first taste of cotton candy from his sweet Aunt Karen!
Okay, this is my little man's reaction to most new foods - stoic contemplation, then a chorus of "more!-more!-more!-more!" (Actually the best part of this picture is Uncle Jim showing off a cotton candy goatee in the background!)
The newest attraction at the fair were the "sky buckets" - lots of fun!! Aunt Karen and Noni were partners and are very excited to wave to me and Katie as we passed them in our little bucket! The newlyweds, Uncle Jim and Aunt Kat rode across the fair skyline together too - ahhhh how sweet!
Oh, if this feeling could just be bottled up and saved. . .sweet Katie is just loving each minute!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006
Noni's Birthday!
Noni had a birthday! We decided to help her celebrate, so after home-made cards by Katie were "oohed and aaahhed" over. . .after surprises were opened. . .after singing as loud as we could. . .after Noni blew out the candles (with a little help from an eager granddaughter!). . .after every last crumb and bit of icing was devoured. . .after much laughing and giggling on a sunny afternoon. . .then we had accomplished what we wanted - bringing a smile to our grandma Noni's face. . .just like she has done for us a million times over!

Katie's First Kindergarten Field Trip!!
Katie Greer went on her very first Kindergarten field trip to Cagle's Dairy! She had a WONDERFUL time!! The most exciting thing of all for her, of course, was the bus ride!! Grandma Greer came and stayed with Nate-Nate so that I could go as a chaperone with Katie's class. Katie's "buddy" the whole day (and one of her best friends in her class) is Haylee. She is such a precious little one too and just loves Katie to pieces! So here is the "picture journal" of the exciting adventure!
Below: That cow is "eyeing" Katie while on the hayride. . .and Katie is just a little nervous about that! Ha! Ha!