Saturday, August 09, 2008
Can it be???
Can it really be that my little Nathan is already going to preschool??? It seems he was born just yesterday! Time has certainly flown by. . .and every single day with this amazing little boy has been a blessing - granted a loud blessing at times - but a gift from God into our precious family all the same!
So Nathan is beginning in a 2 year old class that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 1/2 day. He will eat lunch there too! His teacher, Mrs. Daphne, sent him a postcard last week just saying that she was excited he was coming to be in her class. . .Nathan was so happy, he made us read it a million times and even insisted on sleeping with the postcard that night!!

So we had Open House on Thursday this week so Nate could see his room and meet his teacher! How exciting!

Nathan (with a little guidance) went to his cubbie and got his folder, then headed back to his seat to do some work. Daddy and Katie watch.
Nathan decorates his school folder with farm animal stickers while daddy watches. This is Nathan's seat in his classroom labeled with his name and picture - so cute! In fact, there were pictures of Nathan all over the room. . .on his cubbie, on the bulletin board, even in frames on the window sill! His teacher is so very thoughtful to incorporate little things that make the kids feel comfortable right away in their new surroundings.

Nate built a tower of blocks while Katie ran by the "cubbies" where Nathan's bookback will stay.
This is Nathan showing his teacher his tower of blocks. Standing with them is one of the other students in Nate's class, Cooper, holding on to his mommy.
Oh my goodness! Preschool already for my "baby"??!!!
. . . . . . . .Sigh. . . . . . . .