Sunday, June 01, 2008
Katie girl has been BUSY!!!
Who knew that ending 1st grade was so crazy busy??!!!
Let me just give you a sense of what we've been doing in just the past 2 weeks!!
First on our list is our big end-of-the-year campout with the Brownie Troop!

There were 6 girls (and 1 brother) + the 2 troop leaders (me being one) all in one big tent!! One of the best parts of the campout is that it was right in our leader's back yard - perfect!

The next event was FIELD DAY!!!

Oh my goodness - it was LOUD!! Katie absolutely loved it and did such a great job in her events!

Katie was so excited about the running relay - so precious!! Isn't she just awesome??!
Everyone got gold medals - so exciting!!

And finally we had First Grade Awards Day.

I was just so nervous for her!! I wanted her to get enough awards so she would just be so proud of herself and all of her hard work this year. The teacher would call out what the award was - and then call the students' names who received that award so that they could step out in front of the class and be recognized.

As they began, Katie was called for almost every award!! Then they kept going - and she kept being called to step up to be recognized!! I was just so proud of her - and just constantly amazed at what this little girl can accomplish - just never sensing her limitations at all!!

Finally the teachers announced the PE award given to only one boy and one girl in the class. . .and Katie was the winner!! Of the PE award!!! Ya know the coaches are constantly telling me how hard Katie works in PE. . .even though they tell her that she can slow down if she gets tired, she runs and runs her little heart out!

Oh my goodness, I am just so exhausted with the close of first grade!! But it was so wonderful!