Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Aren't spontaneous crazy pictures the best!!
My mom knitted this sweater that Katie is wearing, and it is finally cold enough for her to wear it! So I was wanting to just take a couple of pictures so that my mom could see it. . .but when you add Nathan to the mix, anything can happen!

So I am sharing pictures from our silly family time last night. . .the kids on the loveseat, me with the camera, and Danny doing what must be the absolute funniest thing EVER behind me!!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007
Well, I knew it wouldn't be easy. . .

I just decided that there really and truly isn't anything that I could do to make it any easier - so we just did it. . .Nathan's very first haircut!

I debated on whether to take him to a cutsie "kid cuts" place - where the "stylists" are trained for 30 minutes in the backroom just before I walk in (or at least that seems to have been my experience from when Katie was little). . .or take him to the salon where Katie get our haircuts. And honestly, I just couldn't find the local kids' place that I heard about - so I just took him on in to the salon.

It was just how I knew it would be. . .he was very suspicious and fidgety as we walked through the doors and sat in the chair. I hurried to accept a chocolate donut to bribe him with as our anxiety levels both rose higher and higher. He liked the donut and - for a moment - was distracted enough that the lady was able to sneak in a few cuts. But it all changed very quickly when realization finally set in - and he screamed without even taking a breath for the next 10 minutes and kicked and arched his back and struggled with all his might! After a few snips of the scissors and a couple of buzzes of the clippers - Nate was DONE! His haircut was not, however, completely done. . .but alas, another day. . .sigh. . . I did get a couple of snippets of his baby hair for a keepsake and a couple of sweet pictures though!

Sunday, January 21, 2007
Hello again! Happy New Year to everyone! I have been very absent in my blogging recently, but busy, busy, busy has been my theme these past few months! But busy times make for good blogging, right?! So I decided to start fresh! And that certainly meant a total "blog makeover!" (Thanks Dawn!)

So the past few months seem like a blur. . .Santa has come and gone leaving a huge pile of blocks, trains, dolls, all kinds of doll furniture, puzzles, games, matchbox cars, dumptrucks, books, and. . .can you believe it?. . .absolutely not one little note with suggestions of storage solutions to keep these wonderful gifts! So we are still getting settled from the holidays, and the new year has inspired me to do some rearranging in the kids' rooms. I have also found a couple of new very cool things that have taken my attention away from my blogging. One of them is this awesome free new software that has complete online scrapbooks designed (and they're cute too!) -- I just "drag and drop" pictures from my files and then type in my text -- and then I just order the printed bound book to be delivered to my door!! I have always been sad to not have actual picture albums for us to look through. Whenever Katie wants to see her baby pictures, we snuggle up on the couch - and pull out the laptop! So I have become enamored with this new find, and I have worked on creating a book to "try it out" -- it's almost ready to be printed! Woo-hoo! And I have also been working and working with my small business, "Love-Me-Knots", making lots and lots and LOTS of hairbows for not only my stores that carry my bows, but many holiday shows during the Christmas season! And very exciting also is the website that Dawn and I have been working very hard to create. . .it's almost ready!!! Another big WOO-HOO! So I've been busy!

Enough about all of that and on to what's really important!
This weekend our family took a jaunt to Amicalola Falls, and had a wonderful time! Katie adores new adventures, and while I thought my little guy was going to be bored with all of that "nature stuff" -- but boy was I wrong! We had to constantly be on top of him so that he wouldn't actually jump into the waters falling down the cliff! So funny!! So without further ado. . .here is the "picture journey" of our sweet family time. . .

Here we are at the base of the falls. . .if you look way up at the top of the picture you can see where is actually starts! Very beautiful in person!

This last picture was taken at the very tip top of the falls - which was a little more tense with my crazy Nate insisting on getting into the water!! So this is the only picture that I got from the top of the falls. . .and you can see I have my baby by the scruff of his neck. . .because, although this doesn't show it all, there are about 4 feet of sweet little stream beyond the bridge before this drops 729 feet off the rocky cliff!!! And I'll tell you that little old wooden slat fence is no match for my little escape artist!